Episode 64 – Writing On the Road: How to Get Vacation Inspiration and Work Trip Words

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke tackle writing and creativity on the road! Includes getting inspiration from sensory details in your environment and using nearby locations for your drafting. Plus, how to find writing nooks in unlikely places.

Episode 60 – Retelling Myths and Fairy Tales: How to Keep It Fresh, Fun, and Legal

Join hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke in an exploration of writing myth and fairy tale retellings! Learn how to stand out in the retelling genre and ways to tap into universal themes. Plus, why Disney isn’t the answer–and could get you into trouble.

Episode 56 – How to Write Outside References, In-Jokes, and Easter Eggs

Join hosts Janeen Ippolito and H.L. Burke as they explore awesome Easter eggs in your storytelling! Learn clever ways to use outside humor, the marketing benefits of in-jokes, and when an outside reference can break the mood. Plus, an ultimate meta way to cross-reference your stories!

Episode 50 – How to Rock a Happy Ending in Your Story – Even If a Character Loses a Hand

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H.L. Burke tackle how to make your happy endings hit the spot! Learn how to wrap up a romantic thread, how to show true costs without being a downer, and how to leave things open (but still satisfying). Plus, why losing limbs is common for some character arcs.

Episode 48 – All The Sadz: How to Kill Off Characters and Still Keep Readers

Join hosts Janeen Ippolito and H.L. Burke in the month of “Happily-Ever-After–or Not” as they delve into what makes a good death. Includes death in wartime settings, how death can motivate characters, and how to show grieving in stories. Plus, a few great reasons why you should never, ever kill off a character.