Episode 65 – Mechanical Cats, Bookish Squirrels, and Sneks: A Cute Animals Booksplosion

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke dive into a booksplosion celebrating pets and animal sidekicks! Includes mechanical cats, snek floofs, and sapient toadstools (technically fungi but still cute). Plus, the grand reveal of Bruce the Cat’s Facebook page.

Episode 61 – Crowns, Ice Hearts, and Love Talkers: A Fairy Tale Booksplosion

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H.L. Burke invite fairy tale author and fan Kimberly A. Rogers on the show for our fairy tale booksplosion! Includes genderswapped retellings, delightful dialects, and excellent allegories. Plus, Cinderella meets Doctor Who in the 1920s.

Episode 57 – Red Shirts, Princess Bride, and Han Solo: An Easter Egg Booksplosion

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke invite author and reader Aaron DeMott on the show to talk Easter eggs in our favorite books! Everything from Star Wars references to fiery recurring themes to every kind of shifter. Plus, tangents galore!

Episode 54 – Superheroes, Demon-Slayers, & Forgotten Warfare: A Fightastic Booksplosion

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke share their favorite fight scene and warfare reads! Everything from murderous water to martial arts to portal-hopping demon-fighters. Plus, why rubber chickens are a valid weapon.

Episode 49 – A Happy and Sad Endings Booksplosion With Special Guest Kara Swanson

Hosts Janeen Ippolito and H. L. Burke welcome author and bookstagrammer Kara Swanson as all three share their favorite reads with happy and sad endings. Learn which sad endings hit the sweet spot, what makes a happy ending satisfying, and why sometimes it pays to go against tropes. Plus, books that make us go “augh!”